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About “DI Stories”

“Daiktu Istorijos” is a leather bags and accessories brand found by me, Ruta. It all started as a blog about custom-made handbags that I made as a hobby. Step by step the brand and the team grew, and we opened the website and e-shop in 2014.

“Daiktu Istorijos” should be translated as “Stories of things”. The story of each bag starts in my workshop and is carried on by the one who wears it. Therefore my Etsy shop is named “DIStories”.
I make handbags that are both timeless and functional, yet stylish and fashionable. The handbags come in different colours and styles, being customized and unique.
I seek for the highest quality, that’s why I love to use leather with natural textures, like top grain, often aniline leather. My customers discover the beauty of natural leather, which ages beautifully.

About me

Rūta Sičiūnaitė-daiktu-istorijos-bagslifeIt all started when I was just a child.
Both my great-grandfather and my grandmother were professional tailors, and my mother is still working in fashion manufacturing industry, therefore we always had a sewing machine and plenty of magical materials at home that enchanted me from my childhood.
I started sewing clothes for my dolls – dresses for tea parties or luxurious feasts in the castles. Later on, I and my cousins refashioned the clothes of our mothers and grandmothers and ran fashion shows in an old farmstead attic. It was a childhood full of magic where the dreams could bring you on a fashion podium of any time.
Having finished an art school I started my “normal” career, but after my work, when I came home, I got absorbed in sewing which took more and more of my leisure time.
I was fifteen when I tailored my first bag. It was made of textile. Later on, I started experimenting with leather. And so, I have been sewing bags for about sixteen years.
Freedom to create, the process of production when your vision becomes the real thing and people enjoying the final result, when they come back and buy more than one or two bags these are the things that make me happy.
Inspiration is not only being interested in fashion and its history, it means communication with people, their joy of everyday life, all that help create magic histories together.
Daiktu Istotijos rustic bag | bagslife friends | bags designers
Bags life friends - Daiktu Istorijos - handmade special style bag
Daiktu Istorijos fashion clutch bag
Rūta Sičiūnaitė - bagslife friends bags designers
Hnadbags made by Daiktu Istirijos Rūta Sičiūnaitė
One of a kind perfect bag created by Daiktu Istorijos designers
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