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Bags Life Studio – Kielak Dziewulski | Poland

BagsLife - Kielak & Dziewulski

We would like the brand to be associated with the feeling of freedom. It is just the aspiration for freedom what caused us to create the company. We both left our former professions – a job in an educational corporation and a position of a medical manager, and dedicated ourselves to designing. We easily forgot what we were “expected to do” and we solely do what we want to.

The source and the light motive of all our creations are the new-boho collages which we make. Collages are made up of different elements, also three-dimensional, most of which are waste materials.

Bagslife - Kielak Dziewulski - waste materials

Thats why our creations belong to the ‘upcycled art’ trend.

Kielak & Dziewulski - working

We just push a new life into the left, forgotten and unwanted things.


Each of our bags is created for an independent woman whose taste is far from mediocre.

We want the products to be for you the same they are for us – a liberating from everything that disturbs, limits and hinders. Let them be the symbol of independence, let them encourage you and remind you to always decide for yourself.

Kielak & Dziewulski - BgasLifeStudio - Free Yourself

Kielak & Dziewulski - BgasLifeStudio - Be Yourself

Today we have more than 100 designs and we are still making new ones – avoiding routine. We know it is impractical, but we can’t resist the desire to create.

Kielak & Dziewulski - BagsLifeStudio

BagsLifeStudio - Kielak & Dziewulski

BagsLifeStudio - Dziewulski & Kielak* *

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