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Bags life founders - Kielak Dziewulski

Others would say:

BAGS.life is a Polish designer brand founded in 2015 by Natasza Kielak & Ryh Dziewulski. From the very beginning, they cultivate their own unique and easily recognizable ART-BOHO style. Collages created by them are the effect of combining the artistic influences of Kurt Schwitters with the pursuit of ‘boho’ aesthetics – free from any restrictions.

           * *

And what would we say?

First of all – we are FREE.
We are  f r e e and we design ‘VEGAN’ handbags.
And right after that:  we’re PLANT-BASED CUISINE lovers.

Usually, people explain such anomaly with ethical and ecological arguments:

  • they want to live in a world free of cruelty,
  • they love animals and disagree with the permission to murder them
  • animal breeding causes environmental degradation and the ‘greenhouse effect’

That’s all true and we’re signing up for it.
But (!) none of these reasons was our leading one.
Between these reasons there is no most important reason: Because it is WISE, because WISDOM commands it and because SCIENCE confirms that plant-based nutrition can eliminate almost all diet-related diseases, which means that

Plant-Based nutrition can heal
at least 70% of people

How do we know that? 
Because we are dieticians by profession. 
More about why we abandoned this profession and devoted ourselves to creation – you will find in our blog.

           * *

The source and the light motive of all our creations are ‘merzbilds’ (a kind of collages) which we make. Collages are made up of different elements, also three-dimensional, most of which are waste materials.

Merzbild collages Bagslife

That is why our creations belong to the ‘upcycled art’ trend.

Kielak & Dziewulski - working

We just push a new life into the left, forgotten and unwanted things.


We want the BAGS.life products to be for you the same they are for us – a liberation from everything that disturbs, limits and hinders. Let them be the symbol of independence, let them encourage you and remind you to always decide for yourself.

Kielak & Dziewulski - BgasLifeStudio - Free Yourself

Kielak & Dziewulski - BgasLifeStudio - Be Yourself

Today we have more than 100 designs and we are still making new ones – avoiding routine. We know it is impractical, but we can’t resist the desire to create.

BagsLifeStudio - Dziewulski & Kielak
BagsLifeStudio - Kielak & Dziewulski
Kielak & Dziewulski - BagsLifeStudio


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