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Fat loss diet plan

Which fats can I eat while losing weight?

This common question always reminds me of an anecdote about a guy who enters the Sports Store and says:

– Good morning, half a ball please.
– We do not have half-balls.
– Because, you see, I like my old ball, but only half. I would like to buy the other half!
– We DO NOT have half-balls!

They do not, because there are no half-balls. The ball is a ball, and it means that there is neither a beginning nor an end. And if so, there is no way to find any half. Continue reading Fat loss diet plan

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The basics of weight loss

basics of weight loss

Want to lose weight?
Use your head!

Being overweight is the main symptom of improper eating habits. This is also the main reason for the interest in ‘diets’ – miraculous treatments that in a closed period of time would “cure” us.

As long as this or that diet works – we do not wonder why it works. However, after a few weeks every miracle cure fails and then it is usually too late to ask questions. Annoyed by failure, we wait for an ordered pizza – no longer bothering where the mistake was: Were we doing something not as we should or maybe our dietitian is a quack?  Continue reading The basics of weight loss

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Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Diet is a Lifestyle, not a cure!

Diet is not a cure!
It’s a Lifestyle

I am convinced that if I would walk down the street asking 100 accidentally met people: “How to eat to be healthy?” – I would receive 100 different answers.

I suspect that everyone would start with a fairy tale about healthy fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, but only to immediately forget about it – just like he does eating every meal. Right after that, my interlocutors would focus on a hundred different, mostly irrelevant matters like: which fat fry healthier, quality of protein, regularity of meals and their number per day, supplementation – up to the role of physical activity.

By the way:
I am always amused by the “food pyramids” (healthy eating pyramids), in which physical activity is one of the positions. If it were “healthy lifestyle pyramids” – then I would agree, but what does physical activity have to do with nutrition?
Someone might say that – in some way – we “feed” on physical activity. OK, but after all – in some way – we also “feed” on other phenomena, for example art, love or someone else’s misfortune. Why not put it also in the pyramid? Is love worse than fitness?
Continue reading Whole Food Plant Based Diet

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Vegan life & Vegan bags

Vegan Lifestyle - Our vegan bags and our vegan lifes

Why did we betray a dietitian job and started designing vegan bags

Well, we are dietitians and we will always remain dietitians, because the reliable knowledge that you have acquired can not be rid of. Of course, you can forget these or other details, but the general understanding of the problem – always remains in you.

We only gave up making money in the dietitian profession, because it is difficult to make money this way without lying to your patients. And we did not want to lie.

But before I tell you more about lying: Continue reading Vegan life & Vegan bags

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How to become a vegan

How I lost 73 lb - 33 kg

A story about HOW and WHY we – carnivorous predators – turned into ‘Plant-Based Diet’ boosters

The short answer to this question is:
Get a REAL KNOWLEDGE of how to avoid diseases that YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DIE for. (The best start is to read “The China Study” by T. Colin Campbell)

And if you have some free time and want to know our story, just start reading:

It all began with the desire to be – simply – free. Continue reading How to become a vegan

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Our first vegan handbag – how it was made

Bags life very first boho collage

One winter, our inspiring sister showed us a piece of beaverboard, the corner of which was covered with colorful strings, patterned material and beads. She said she did not know what to do next with it and pushed it back behind the wardrobe.

You know this feeling, thought, internal order type: “I have to do it!” ….? Continue reading Our first vegan handbag – how it was made

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Stupid and useless things – upcycling

The power of upcycling

Why not go crazy sometimes?

It so happened that from the moment we met, we were constantly doing something together (we are still doing) and it was always a lot of fun for us.

Among hundreds of other similarities, it turned out that we both – completely pointless and without any purpose – have been collecting wine corks for years.
Continue reading Stupid and useless things – upcycling

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It all started with… jealousy?

boho handmade jars and bottles 1

In the end, it must have started with something. In this case, jealousy will collect all laurels.

Jealousy? Envy? I do not know what is more appropriate or what sounds better in English. Anyway, I mean feeling that accompanies the conviction that I regret that I am not in the place of someone else, instead of – unfortunately – my own. Continue reading It all started with… jealousy?