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VM – Vergidis Mamouna | Greece

VM – Vergidis Mamouna logoTeo Vergidis & Lida Mamouna

Teo and Lida a combination of artists both at work and in life.

VM – Vergidis and Mamouna - bags designers from GreeceTeo,
A self made and multifaceted artisan with talent and experience in handicrafts since childhood. That talent was nurtured by his family, a family of jewel makers. He is handy with many different materials such as wood, metal, stone and fabric. He recently discovered leather as a mean of expressing his artistic restlessness.
His creations combine all his knowledge with emphasis on detail and the handmade process.


VM – Vergidis and Mamouna - bags designers from GreeceLida,
Lida is Educated on Fashion Design in Greece and in France. Her education, her strong inclination to create out of natural materials and her organized personality create an excellent combination of skills for a highly creative outcome.
It should be also pointed out that Lida has 10 years experience in the fields of fashion photography and fashion magazines, which, significantly supports our work.

At the end of 2014 Lida made our first leather items with just 2 designs. During 2015 I joined her and our designs grew to 12 and now exceed 50.

There is no right day or time to envision a new design. Most of the times new ideas just pop up in your mind while you look at an object or touching a new material.
For me the best moment in this job is when you to give life to your envisions.
Creativity is one of the main forces that makes the world go round. Continue reading VM – Vergidis Mamouna | Greece

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Victoria Horner | Virginia USA

Bags Designer - Victoria HornerAfter graduating from college with degrees in commercial art and fashion illustration, I was ready to hit the big city and moved up to New York from Florida.  Starting at a job in the art department of a beauty trade magazine was great experience, and then I was thrilled for the opportunity to work for Andy Warhol, at his Interview Magazine, in the advertising department.  While there, I realized my love of fashion and design and created dresses for all my chic co-workers.  This led to a job in women’s design at J. Crew.  A few years later, there was an open call for new designers at the new Henri Bendel store on Fifth Avenue.  I presented 5 designs to them and they bought 10 of each!  This began my dress design business, which I passionately fueled for several years, until my move to Virginia, which is where I was born.  I’ve been living in Charlottesville since 1995, beautiful with its mountain views  and rural landscapes and a keen sense of creative energy. Continue reading Victoria Horner | Virginia USA

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Stella Laur – Hand made Bags | Estonia

Bagslife friends – bags designers | Stella LaurHi, I’m Stella and I have an obsession about handbags. I buy them and I make them.

Handcrafts have been my passion since I can remember. I like to knit, crochet, felt and sew and there have been times I really enjoyed drawing, leatherworks and pottery. But surprisingly I didn’t go to study art or crafts, I chose business management and after graduations I didn’t return to my passion right away.

It was after the birth of my first child when I decided to look for a different path.

So one thing lead to another and at the moment I have handcraft shop in a lovely small town called Pärnu, it’s in Estonia 🙂 and I have my studio inside the shop so I can be creative when times aren’t so busy. Continue reading Stella Laur – Hand made Bags | Estonia

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Daiktu Istorijos – Ruta Siciunaite | Lithuania

Daiktu Istorijos small logoAbout “DI Stories”:

“Daiktu Istorijos” is a leather bags and accessories brand found by me, Ruta. It all started as a blog about custom-made handbags that I made as a hobby. Step by step the brand and the team grew, and we opened the website and e-shop in 2014.

“Daiktu Istorijos” should be translated as “Stories of things”. The story of each bag starts in my workshop and is carried on by the one who wears it. Therefore my Etsy shop is named “DIStories”.

I make handbags that are both timeless and functional, yet stylish and fashionable. The handbags come in different colours and styles, being customized and unique.
I seek for the highest quality, that’s why I love to use leather with natural textures, like top grain, often aniline leather. My customers discover the beauty of natural leather, which ages beautifully.

Ruta SiciunaiteAbout me:

It all started when I was just a child.

Both my great-grandfather and my grandmother were professional tailors, and my mother is still working in fashion manufacturing industry, therefore we always had a sewing machine and plenty of magical materials at home that enchanted me from my childhood. I started sewing clothes for my dolls – dresses for tea parties or luxurious feasts in the castles. Continue reading Daiktu Istorijos – Ruta Siciunaite | Lithuania