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Animal Protein and Breast Cancer

Plant-Based diet can save your live

History teaches that the universality of beliefs does not make them truer. It sometimes happens that the more common the conviction, the greater the distance separates it from the truth and – thus – the more damage it can do.

The discovery of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes, quickly called breast cancer genes, has led to widespread recognition of genes as the only risk factor for developing this disease. *

* The consequence of this error is the mistaken belief that the only effective cancer prevention is breast removal; Campbell describes the cases of women who are considering removing their breasts, not only their own but also the breasts of their daughters.

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Meat and Colorectal Cancer

mEAT AND crc

Animal Protein or Lack of Fiber

One of the strongest correlations between any cancer and any environmental factor is the interdependence of: intestinal cancer and meat consumption!

Today – in principle – there are no longer those who would dare to undermine the relationship between the incidence of colon cancer and environmental factors – diet. The whole dispute is about whether the greater importance for the morbidity is the lack of fiber, or excess of animal protein, and – analogously – whether the positive effect of the plant diet results from the higher intake of vegetables and fruits or reduced consumption of animal products.

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Dairy and Prostate Cancer

milk and prostate cancer

Animal Protein and Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer accounts for 25% of all cancers. This is the most common cancer in men: after 70 years, up to half of men suffer from prostate cancer or its latent form.

Prostate cancer meets all the criteria of a diet-dependent civilization disease; its ascension depends on the dietary habits of a given region of the world. Most often, it is accompanied by the Western diet (and taking over the western lifestyle by immigrants).

We are dealing here with one of the most cohesive links between nutrition and cancer. This relationship is called:


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Protein and Cancer

Diet and cancer of prostate, breast and colon

“Protein Doctrine” and Cancer

The protein was discovered in 1839.

If now, in 2019, someone asks: “How does a vegan get a protein?” – this means only one thing: that he has XIX-century dietary knowledge. It was then that “protein” was synonymous with “meat”.

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