Terms & Conditions

(End-User License Agreement)

Effective Date: May 12, 2018


§ 1. General regulations

1. The Terms & Conditions define the contractual relationship between the Bags.life online store and its users/customers.
2. Before ordering the customer is obliged to read and accept the rules.
3. The Terms & Conditions are not to exclude or limit any customer’s rights guaranteed by European Law. Any possible doubt is to be resolved in favor of the customer.

§ 2. Information about the seller

enka bros OÜ
Peterburi tee 53, 11415 Tallinn, ESTONIA
(registry code 14188993)
tel. +48 609-109-677
website: https://bags.life
e-mail: enkabros@gmail.com
Customer Service e-mail: office@bags.life

§ 3. Description of services provided by BAGS.life

1. Bags.life online store allows the purchase of goods – bags and purses – with a guarantee of free delivery all over the world.

2. The Bags.life store offers both retail and wholesale sales. To become a wholesale customer, you must complete the wholesale application form (located in the footer of the website) and accept the wholesale purchase requirements.

3. Bags.life online store is a dropshipping platform, which means that it offers goods from various manufacturers. These goods are in the warehouses of their producers and from there they are sent to customers who purchase them. All manufacturers cooperating with us guarantee worldwide free delivery.

§ 4 Protection of Personal Details

1. The customer’s personal details are used to complete the order and are protected according to European Law – in particular the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and Estonian Personal Data Protection Act.

2. The customer’s personal information is obtained by the user’s voluntary registration or filling in the order form.

3. The processor of the personal data (data controller) is enka bros OÜ, Peterburi tee 53, 11415 Tallinn, ESTONIA (registry code: 14188993).

4. For more information – see our Privacy Policy, which is part of this Terms & Conditions. Privacy Policy explains the information we collect about you on our website, as well as information collected when you visit our store or otherwise communicate or interact with Bags.life.

§ 5 Condition of Purchase & Course of Transaction

1. Age requirements: To become our client you must be over 18 years old.

2. Location-based restrictions:
Bags.life website enforce shipping to the customer’s billing address. The customer may, however, request delivery of goods to an address other than his/her billing address – by contacting our customer service office@bags.life.

3. In the case of incomplete or erroneous details, we will try to contact the customer in order to complete them. If that is impossible we will withdraw from the agreement of the sale.

4. The customer makes the payment for the purchased goods by choosing one of the supported payment methods.

You are using the PayPal Express payment gateway.
After logging in to your PayPal account (or without logging in, if you use PayPal ‘One Touch’ checkout *) and accepting transaction – you will be taken to the ‘Review Order’ page. Here you enter your telephone number and accept our Terms & Conditions. At this point you can still cancel or place your order. After placing the order you will see the ‘Order Received & Order Details’ page.

*) PayPal ‘One Touch’ checkout allows you to buy faster because your PayPal credentials are securely stored on your device.

5. Before placing the order, the customer is asked to read and accept these Terms & Conditions. The customer confirms his consent by checking the acceptance box. Placing orders means acceptance of the terms of sale (these Terms & Conditions).

6. Once the order is confirmed by the shop to be realized (which is done by sending the electronic information) the contract between the shop and the user is made.

7. The shop has the rights to the withdraw from the agreement of the sale in the case of the lack of the accessibility of the product. The money already paid will be immediately returned to the account specified by the customer.

8. The customer may cancel the order before it is completed and shipped by the shop. In the case of the order already paid for, the shop returns the money immediately but not later than within 30 days.

9. The conditions for sending products are determined individually by each manufacturer in the description of his products. Most often the product is shipped within 1-5 business days from the date of payment.

10. After the receiving the package, the product should be carefully checked and the seller should be immediately informed about any defects found.

§ 6. Terms of delivery of product

1. Availability of the product:

Bags.life offers products from various manufacturers. After placing the order, Bags.life sends the order data to the appropriate manufacturer in order to enable the manufacturer to ship the goods. Although Bags.life strives to keep the offer up-to-date, it may happen that the manufacturer fails to notify Bags.life of the condition of its warehouse and will not have the item in stock. In this case, the manufacturer will contact the customer and set further delivery terms (time needed to complete the order, exchange proposal, cancellation of transactions, etc.)
In case of cancellation of the transaction, Bags.life will return the money paid by the customer immediately.

2. Product shipment:

As Bags.life is a dropshipping platform and does not have its own warehouses, ordered products are sent by the manufacturer from the place of his residence. For this reason, we are unable to provide a precise delivery time for all products and all countries of shipment. The shipping time depends on the manufacturer’s country of residence, the country of dispatch and the shipping method chosen by the manufacturer. Manufacturers set the delivery terms of their products on their own terms, of which they are obliged to inform customers in the descriptions of their products. THE ONLY CONDITION that Bags.life requires from manufacturers, offering their goods on the Bags.life platform – IS A GUARANTEE OF FREE DELIVERY AROUND THE WORLD.

§ 7. Refund Policy / Return of Goods / Cancellation of Transaction

1. The consumer (i.e. the client who is a natural person who purchases goods for their own use not connected with their business or professional activity) who has made the agreement in a distance can withdraw it following European Law, making a statement in writing within 14 days from the date of the delivery of the purchased goods.

2. The return form must be sent by a registered letter or enclosed in the package with the returned goods. In the case of doubt about 14-day deadline, the date on the postage stamp is decisive.

3. The returned goods cannot bear any signs of use and must be complete.

4. The return of goods should take place immediately, not later than within 14 days from the withdraw from the agreement of the sale (i.e. the day of sending the withdrawal declaration).

5. Once the shop receives the withdrawal declaration and the returned goods, the amount of money representing the value of the goods is returned to the client immediately, not later than within 14 days.

6. The customer who has decided to return the goods is obliged to return the goods to the address from which the product was sent to him (the manufacturer’s address) or ask the customer service office@bags.life to specify the address to return the goods.

7. The cost of the return is paid by the client.

§ 8. Complaints / Exchange

1. If the purchased goods are faulty the client has the right to demand bringing it to the conformity with the contract by free repair or a replacement with a new one, unless the repair or replacement are impossible or require excessive costs.

2. The shop is responsible for a defect only in a case of non-conformity before the expiry of two years from the date of purchase and reporting to the shop about the non-conformity within two months from the moment when it was noticed.

3. Any differences in the customer individual computer settings (ratio, color etc.) cannot be the basis for the complaint.

4. In a case of any defects of the goods purchased in the shop, the customer is obliged to report this to the shop to the e-mail address. In the report, the customer should describe the defect accurately, indicate the date of purchase and specify their request. In the answer the customer will be given information about sending the faulty product back to the shop.

5. Delivery costs of the faulty goods are paid by the customer. The costs of sending the faulty goods back are paid to the customer back immediately in a case of the acceptance of the complaint.

6. Within 14 days from the receiving the letter of complaint, the shop will consider the customer’s demand. If the shop do not consider the customer’s request within 14 days, it means that their demand has been accepted. In a case of the acceptance of the complaint, the faulty product will be replaced with another, complete one, and if this is not possible, the client will be given the money back or offered another, accessible goods from the shop to chose from.

7. If the client’s demand include the delivery of the repaired or replaced goods, all the costs are paid by the shop.

§ 9. Methods of payment

Currently, the Bags.life store supports the following types of payments:

– Direct bank transfer
– PayPal Express Checkout

§ 10. Information on risk allocation, liability and disclaimers

1. Bags.life online store is not responsible for the availability of goods in warehouses of producers who offer their goods on the Bags.life platform.

2. Any information about the goods offered by the shop is not an offer as defined by the Civil Code, they are only the presentation of our products.

A) Bags.life online store is an Internet platform and the sale of goods takes place at a distance. For this reason, the decision to make purchases is based primarily on product images.
The customer should be aware that:
– product photos are made by the manufacturers using various equipment with parameters that are difficult to predict and may affect the colors of product images
– the colors in the pictures may differ from the original – also due to the display parameters of the equipment used by the customer.
For these reasons, Bags.life is not responsible for the purchase of goods whose actual color does not correspond to the colors in the product images.
Due to the above, the colors of the purchased products can not be the reason for the complaint.
B) In addition, the customer should be aware that many of the products that we offer in our store are hand-made products. Therefore, individual items may be slightly different from each other, as well as slightly different from items shown in the product images.

§ 11. Final rulings

1. In cases not covered by the above rules, European Law shall be applicable.
2. The shop has the right to change The Terms & Conditions of the Bags.life online store. Any change will published at least 30 days in advance and will be effective only for orders placed after the date of entry into force the new version of The Terms & Conditions of the Bags.life online store.