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It all started with… jealousy?

boho handmade jars and bottles 1

In the end, it must have started with something. In this case, jealousy will collect all laurels.

Jealousy? Envy? I do not know what is more appropriate or what sounds better in English. Anyway, I mean feeling that accompanies the conviction that I regret that I am not in the place of someone else, instead of – unfortunately – my own.

But what about the jealousy?
Just look at the picture above.

My sister made these jars. In her spare time.

She ran her own one-man business (she taught foreign languages), earned exactly as much as me (as a medical manager) and had a FREE TIME? No responsibility for patients and employees and anything that can go wrong in medical business (and from time to time goes wrong). She was just … free.

What did Natasha envy her?

What did I envy her?

For Natasha and myself, creativity and freedom were one and the same.

And it all started from that 🙂

These are ours (we turned that spoons on the lathe 🙂

boho handmade jars 1

boho handmade bottles and jars 3

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