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Meat and Colorectal Cancer

mEAT AND crc

Animal Protein or Lack of Fiber

One of the strongest correlations between any cancer and any environmental factor is the interdependence of: intestinal cancer and meat consumption!

Today – in principle – there are no longer those who would dare to undermine the relationship between the incidence of colon cancer and environmental factors – diet. The whole dispute is about whether the greater importance for the morbidity is the lack of fiber, or excess of animal protein, and – analogously – whether the positive effect of the plant diet results from the higher intake of vegetables and fruits or reduced consumption of animal products.

Burkitt’s research in Africa has proven that fiber – if not consumed in the form of a supplement – is a source of colon health, i.e. prevents incidents of cancer development. It is estimated that 10g of fiber * in a daily diet – is responsible for a decrease in the risk of bowel cancer ** by 33%.

*) 10g fiber is, for example:
– 1 pear
– 1 glass of raspberries
– 1 glass of peas
– 1/2 glass of legume

**) Colorectal Cancer is also known as Bowel Cancer or Colon Cancer.

On the other hand – data from South Africa indicate, however, that the essence of PLANT-BASED diets lies in the elimination of animal products (animal proteins and fats), and high fiber consumption is of secondary importance.

The white people of South Africa ate more meat than the blacks and more often suffered from colorectal cancer.* Over time, the blacks began to eat refined (maize) flour, containing no fiber, but still the colon cancer remained at a lower level. This undermines the theory of the protective effect of fiber.

* Differences in nutrition between white and black:
– animal protein: white 77 g <=> 25 g black
– fat: white 115 g <=> 71 g black
– cholesterol:  white 408 mg <=> 211 mg blacks

Some studies suggest that the same risk factors that affect the development of colorectal cancer (low fruit and vegetable diet but with a high content of animal products) also causes insulin resistance. This could indicate a connection between insulin resistance and this disease.

Finally, one more important thing – the role of physical activity (!).

It is well known that physical activity protects against colon cancer, but it is not clear why. There are suggestions that it is important that people who are physically inactive suffer from a greater number of constipation (frequent stasis in the large intestine contributes to the development of the disease).

Physical activity – for example, just climbing stairs – stimulates the abdominal press (mechanical induction of defecation reflexes).

The conclusion:

A glass that is full in some part, in the remaining part must be empty: if food products can be divided only into vegetable and animal ones, then the less the first ones in food – the more others.

So for us, enthusiasts of the PLANT-BASED diet – it does not matter which factor is the cause of CRC cancer: excess of animal products or lack of fiber.

PLANT-BASED diet eliminates both risks.


This and several other entries in our blog regarding the relationship between health and diet – are based on data disclosed in “The China Study” [T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M. Campbell, 2004].
The book discusses the results of epidemiological studies on the widest scale in the world on the relationship between diet and the morbidity of various disease entities.


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