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Stupid and useless things – upcycling

The power of upcycling

Why not go crazy sometimes?

It so happened that from the moment we met, we were constantly doing something together (we are still doing) and it was always a lot of fun for us.

Among hundreds of other similarities, it turned out that we both – completely pointless and without any purpose – have been collecting wine corks for years.

cork board recycling upcycling

One day we opened another bottle of wine (with another cork) and started to glue. It was the moment when Natasha discovered the GLUE GUN that I brought, which raised my male ratings in her eyes for many points.

handcrafted home decor cork board upcycled art
do it yourself recycled art upcycling cork boad

We liked it so much that half a year later we made a coffee table, or perhaps a ‘wine table’ in this case.

And after another year there was a door.

home decor idea recycled art coffee table and cork door

This is definitely not the end of our cork adventures, because we still like wine and the box with corks is slowly filling up. They certainly will not stay there.

Handbag that was created upon cork upcycled art

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