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Summer Summary

BAGS life summer summery

Our new blog started with posts from our previous website – descriptions of the workshops of our friends – manufacturers of handbags from various countries. Maybe soon we will write about other producers again, but now it’s time for a ’18 summer summary:

  • creating over 60 collages that have become patterns for our bags
  • negotiations with 19 tailors – without any business effect
  • cooperation with 6 tailors – with a lesser or greater success
  • finding the one sewing room that meets our expectations

Thanks to this:

  • we have made hundreds of limited edition bags (over 120 designs in ‘Elva’ and ‘Koonga’ models).
  • after setting up several online stores, we – finally! – understood that we are NOT natural-born sellers 

That’s why we decided to leave the sale to real sellers and take care of what is our passion: designing and manufacturing.

So (!)
From now on we are looking for partners: 
Storefront (bricks & mortar) Boutiques and Online Retailers – to became our sellers!**

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