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Vegan life & Vegan bags

Vegan Lifestyle - Our vegan bags and our vegan lifes

Why did we betray a dietitian job and started designing vegan bags

Well, we are dietitians and we will always remain dietitians, because the reliable knowledge that you have acquired can not be rid of. Of course, you can forget these or other details, but the general understanding of the problem – always remains in you.

We only gave up making money in the dietitian profession, because it is difficult to make money this way without lying to your patients. And we did not want to lie.

But before I tell you more about lying:

Despite the fact that we no longer perform this profession – we want to share everything we know about nutrition on this blog. The more so because other vegan blogs do not deal with knowledge about the physiology and biochemistry of nutrition processes. They mainly deal with vegan recipes and vegan ethics (a philosophy of life without violence or issues related to ecology and the environment). Meanwhile, it is still difficult to find facts and arguments for choosing Plant-Based diet – from a point of view that does not come from ideology but from common sense.

Perhaps thanks to one of our blog posts, people who consider veganism and plant-based nutrition for foolishness and madness – will understand that nutrition really is about something more than ideological credo. It’s about BEING HEALTHY. And stay healthy for as long as possible, AVOIDING DISEASES that nobody has to die for.

And as for you – if you’re already a vegan or plant-based diet fan – you may find here arguments that you will always be able to invoke in any discussion about nutrition. Even the simple ones:

Those who claim that a man is carnivorous usually use the “toothing argument”: why do we need fangs?
Fangs are used to tear the food. OK, but can you only tear the meat? Then why do gorillas have fangs? They tear the stems and hard shoots of plants – that’s what fangs are for.
And what about the other teeth? Have you ever seen a lion’s mouth? (incisors, canines, and carnassial teeth) Are their incisors similar to ours? We use them for cutting plants. And instead of carnassial (also act like scissors), we have molars – for grinding plant fibers.

Now it’s your turn. Ask:
Since we are carnivores, why does our liver store only vitamins A, D, E, K – those that are scarce in plants, but a lot in animal products? Why do not we store the B and C vitamins in our liver – those that are plentiful in plants? If we were carnivores – it would be the opposite, wouldn’t it?
If we were to be carnivores – why our intestine is as long as it is in herbivorous animals (ours is 8-9 meters long). After all, carnivores have short intestines (2-4 meters) to get rid of leftovers faster.
Our body is not adapted to eating large amounts of meat! This is the reason for the formation of cancer in our colon. Too little fiber in the diet causes constipation, and the remains of digested meat lead to the formation of cancer.

The real reason for the fact that we left the profession of a dietician is that we were no longer convinced of the very concept of ‘DIET’. People should not use diets! People should CHANGE THEIR EATING HABITS.

What is wrong with diets?

First of all – let’s look at statistics: 95% of diets do not work.

Each 19 out of 20 people, who are trying to lose weight through diets – returns to the previous overweight and even increases it – thanks to the ‘yo-yo effect’ (which is related to physiology).
Our attempts to lose weight are like a boring match in which the ‘diet’ ALWAYS loses with ‘eating habits’ with a score of 1:19. Unless (!) our coach finally draws the right conclusions and instead of “pretending” (being on a diet) we will learn to “play” (we will change our habits).

Why is this happening?
Because the word “diet” is usually understood as “cure” = a certain closed period of time during which “treatment” will lead to a specific effect: getting rid of overweight. This means that we assume in advance that after achieving this effect – we end the treatment: “I’m not on a diet anymore = I can eat whatever I want”.
Ultimately, the diet as a cure – CAN NOT be effective because it MUST end. What really counts and what really gives results are “eating habits” – they do not end.

So – we’ve had enough.

Our search for proper nutrition lasted nearly two years and during that time we were both still working in our old professions, because we could not make money by telling the truth. Our patients did not want to hear the truth.

I write this with pain, but people want to be lied to.
They want the dietitian to speak only what they would like to hear from him.

When they learn that they should not drink milk (especially men, because drinking cow’s milk is the main cause of prostate cancer) – they immediately stop the therapy. 

Their mother told them to drink milk when they were children, they themselves recommend milk to their children, every second advertisement about healthy nutrition mentions milk – even their doctors tell them to drink milk, governments subsidize drinking milk in schools and pharmaceutical companies set about producing yoghurts.

Would they be listening to some ‘plant-based’ clown? And pay him for it? No!

They want to hear that cow’s milk is healthy. 

Well, it is NOT! (Unless you’re a calf.) If you are a human, you could drink human milk, but a clever nature limits these possibilities to an infancy – certainly for some important reason.

They want to hear that milk contains calcium, which counteracts osteoporosis.

Well, that’s also NOT true! It’s half-true. In fact, milk contains calcium (~120 mg%), but drinking milk contributes to the formation of osteoporosis rather than fighting it – just as drinking sea water does not contribute to the fight against thirst. I will explain this mechanism in another article.

They want to hear that milk contains proteins, that we need.

Well, it’s also NOT true! It’s not even half-true. It’s just a shameless lie! Milk is not a good source of protein, because: A) it contains little protein – approximately as much as fruits, B) the main protein of milk (~80%) is casein – the same one, whose carcinogenic effect has been proven many times. (The real truth is that casein gained fame as”the most significant carcinogen we consume”!)

And so on.

Someone might ask: if milk is so bad, why does it have such strong advertising?
And that is a good question. I will answer it with another question: What should a company do – a company that has invested in billions of cows that give hundreds of billions of gallons of milk a week? Admit that milk is a scam? Whether to finance further lies, taking good care that people believe in them and ridicule everyone who tries to tell the truth.

Most people are still not ready to hear the truth about nutrition. And this is our task: to show them the truth and make them feel insecure and confused. Then – some of them – begin to listen, discuss and argue. And that’s good, it’s the first step. These things happen developmentally, not revolutionary. People need slow but consistent education, without forcing them to do anything. Thousands of health promoting blogs need to be created – in order to raise awareness of how many diseases are diet-dependent. Those whom we will convince – will start to buy differently, and food companies will slowly shift to the production of what is growing in demand. This is the only way.

And this is already happening!
Only four years ago, we had to make tofu and hummus ourselves, and on the shelves of stores in my area I could only find soy milk (we live near a small town in Poland). To find out how bulgur or amaranth tastes – we had to go to a big city and look for a ‘health food’ store. (Particularly odd is the fact that we import amaranth from South America, although it grows in Europe as a weed.). At the moment the selection of health products produced massively by food companies is much larger. Many types of tofu, soy and vegetable pastes, ready meals for vegans and whole stands with the ‘Bio’ signage – can be found even in our little town.

In larger cities it is much better, and in more ‘civilized’ countries, the vegan or plant-based trend is even stronger. My daughter, who lives in the UK (she is also a vegan), constantly sends me pictures of other vegan products that she finds on store shelves.

Returning to our life choices:
We did not want to lie to our patients.
However, we had to make a living somehow.

We decided to design and produce handbags – of course, vegan ones, because what other handbags we could produce.

Our Vegan Bags

We wanted them to be different from others, to be unique, to have the spirit of ‘freedom’ in them. Do we succeed – the assessment is yours. We – when designing – feel really free.

Bagslife BAGS

It took a long time before we worked out our production method:

We start with creating a collage.
We create it together, but we work separately, alternately. We give each other each collage, and each of us assesses whether there is something missing in it, or maybe there is too much. Then we remove something or add and pass the collage to the other of us. We both agree to the proposals without quarrel – this is the way we work. Such exchange lasts until both of us agree that the work is completed. Sometimes it takes several days, sometimes a few weeks – there is no rule.

Merzbild collages Bagslife

Several people accused us of using natural leather to create collages. Indeed – it happens, but if we do – we always use old leather, recovered from furniture or clothes that have been thrown away. If we did not use it, it would end up in a garbage dump or incineration. After all, RECYCLING and UPCYCLING are ecological and environmentally friendly methods – their goal is to give the objects a new life. Second Life. That’s what we do, using old leather.

Bagslife - Kielak Dziewulski - waste materials

When the project is finished we photograph it in good resolution and we deliver it to the printing house. The prints are applied to the cotton canvas using such technology, thanks to which the prints are very durable and do not disappear during washing (we tested it many times).

Of course – we never use natural leather for sewing our bags. We use upholstery materials and artificial leather, called ‘vegan leather’.

For now, we use traditional vegan leathers (PU). We dream about using such materials as Freedom-Leather (100% silicone), Peace-Leather / Peace-Suede (mixtures of recycled polyamide and recycled PU), Apple-Leather (made from leftovers of apples) or Pinatex (produced from pineapple leaves). So far, we are a small company and we have to go in small steps. Perhaps one day we will be able to bring from abroad a bale of material whose linear meter costs at least € 60, but this day is still ahead of us.

Since we started to create, there are always several projects in our studio that have been started, which – in different condition – are waiting to be finished. Thanks to that, we always have a choice. We are finishing the ones that ask for it themselves. Inspiration is a capricious muse and we do not try to enslave it.

What awaits us in the future, what projects are ahead of us – we do not know, but this is the best in our life. We let them come and wait for them – as always.


Ryh - cofounderIf you want to help us running this HEALTH BLOG – just visit our vegan store. Maybe you’ll like one of our bags, or maybe you’ll just recommend it to someone who loves VEGAN ART-BOHO style.


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