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Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Diet is a Lifestyle, not a cure!

Diet is not a cure!
It’s a Lifestyle

I am convinced that if I would walk down the street asking 100 accidentally met people: “How to eat to be healthy?” – I would receive 100 different answers.

I suspect that everyone would start with a fairy tale about healthy fruits, vegetables, vitamins and minerals, but only to immediately forget about it – just like he does eating every meal. Right after that, my interlocutors would focus on a hundred different, mostly irrelevant matters like: which fat fry healthier, quality of protein, regularity of meals and their number per day, supplementation – up to the role of physical activity.

By the way:
I am always amused by the “food pyramids” (healthy eating pyramids), in which physical activity is one of the positions. If it were “healthy lifestyle pyramids” – then I would agree, but what does physical activity have to do with nutrition?
Someone might say that – in some way – we “feed” on physical activity. OK, but after all – in some way – we also “feed” on other phenomena, for example art, love or someone else’s misfortune. Why not put it also in the pyramid? Is love worse than fitness?

Now seriously:
Here I want to emphasize that I do not mind “physical activity”, but… Sometimes I just have the impression that placing it inside the pyramids – it is simply HARMFUL. Why? Because physical activity allows you to answer YES to the question: “Can I eat as I used to eat, but look different than I used to look.” Keeping a slim figure through fitness does not mean that atherosclerotic plaques will disappear or stop growing. So the right question is “Can I eat as I used to, but be healthier than I used to be” – and here the answer is still NO! To be healthier – you MUST NOT eat as you used to eat. 

100 different answers?
How is this possible in a world where the health industry employs a whole army of scientists? Why do not they speak with one voice?

The reason for this is CHAOS, which appears in the place of the collision of various interests of different groups of people. Companies that want to sell their product – they simply buy (employ) scientists who – from that moment – turn into ‘advertisers’ of this product.

When it comes to nutrition, billions of processes take place in the human body. If you look well, you can always find some profits that come with eating this or that product and keep silent about all the dangers involved. It’s how it works.

I remember well my dietetic textbook, which on one of its pages reported that goose fat is the best out of all animal fats, and a few pages away – that it is the worst one. Everything depended on the point of view from which we examined fats. (It was the first time that I had the impression that dietetics is not a serious field of science.)

For this reason, from year to year – we are more and more dietetically lost and nutritionally helpless. Generally – instead of looking for the truth on our own – we prefer to assume that everything depends on genes (or destiny), so with a clear conscience we grill pork neck, swallowing a dietary supplement and drinking it with beer.

[Isn’t it strange that we never eat vegetables with a supplement of pork, just the opposite?]

Which diets should be avoided?

Avoid all diets!

I’m talking about ‘diets’ – in the sense of ‘cure’ (miraculous treatment)! Avoid them anytime, anywhere, no matter who recommends them to you. The faster and more wonderful effects they promise – the more you keep away from them.

However, if the word “diet” is understood as “a way of eating” or “entire eating habits” – this is the correct meaning. And in that sense I would use this term later in this article.

But before that happens, let’s deal with miraculous treatments:

Which ‘diet wonders’ are the worst?

No doubt – high-protein diets!

The most common reason for using diets is the desire to lose weight, and the only scientifically proven cause of weight loss is a negative energy balance. A simple assumption of providing less kcal in meals – sooner or later it had to lead to the idea of creating high-protein diet.

Why these diets are so effective?

Just compare the efficiency of free energy generation (ATP) during the oxidation of the same mass of fat (= 9), carbohydrates (= 3) and proteins (= 1). * So: Proteins provide 3 times less energy than carbohydrates and 9 times less than fats.

*) Read more about energy from proteins.

In fact, high-protein diets are the same as low-carb diets, because if you increase the percentage of protein in your diet, you will automatically reduce the percentage of carbohydrates. So we are talking here about the whole group of ‘wonders’, whose representatives are the diets of Dukan, Atkins or Montignac.

This article is not devoted to the detailed discussion of the full stupidity of these diets. (I will deal with this in separate articles.) Here, I will limit myself to mentioning health complications that a high-protein diet can lead to. (It is thanks to the list of these complications that the Dukan Diet is called “Get sick yourself”).

Let me list them in a small font so that you can skip it for now. However, you should come back here after reading the whole article, because then it will make more sense to you.

      • ketoacidosis (leading to disturbances of consciousness and coma)
      • kidney problems: a) kidney stones (the incidence of it is associated with increased consumption of animal protein and too little fluid intake) b) renal failure (became the cause of the death of the famous bodybuilder [Nasser El Sonbaty], using a protein diet;
      • liver disorder (excessive consumption of animal proteins leads to hypervitaminosis (fat-soluble vitamins), and this in turn – after some time – results in liver damage
      • shortage of antioxidants (due to low carbohydrate intake)
      • deficiencies of vitamins, mainly from the group B, B-carotene and vitamin E, also vitamin C and polyphenols, important in the prevention of cancer
      • impairment of the nervous system (weakening of concentration, memory and perceptiveness) – which is also favored by the lack of vitamins B, C, A, E and minerals: magnesium, manganese, selenium
      • gout (deposits of urate crystals in the muscles, subcutaneous tissue and joints
      • atherosclerosis (zoonotic products contain saturated fats and cholesterol)

Of course all those diet creators recommend dietary supplementation – probably to complement their lack of knowledge about proper nutrition.

Why you should not eat supplements *

*) It’s about supplementation of diet
deficiencies, not disease-related.

All media ads are filled with information about the benefits of hundreds of dietary supplements – ‘enhancers’ and ‘supporters’ of everything that can be ‘enhanced’ or ‘supported’ in your organism.

Well, this is obvious nonsense. Proof of this is the fact that dietary supplements can be purchased even in grocery stores.

You would never be fooled by the ads of dietary supplements if you realized one simple truth: everything that is really effective and can really help – it can also injure. That’s why medicines are sold in pharmacies by an educated pharmacists.

It means that:

  • If the dietary supplement was under the supervision of a serious organization that watches over health safety and this organization allowed it to be sold without any control in grocery stores – this product can not harm you (because it is not effective). Well, if it’s not effective – it can not help either.
  • If the dietary supplement has not been tested in terms of safety – the more it makes no sense to buy it.

Think about the essence of supplementation:

  • If your diet requires supplementation (constant replenishment), it means that something is constantly missing in it = your diet is disastrous; After all, the definition of “proper diet” is a “balanced diet” = one that contains everything we need.
  • If the apple is healthy – why eat a pill with the content of some like-an-apple powder, if you can eat an apple itself? Nature does not create scrap-apples, but the man producing the pills – certainly could have screwed up something.

Why replace natural with artificial?

Artificial products can only be worse than natural ones.


Which diet is the best?

As I wrote above – you should NOT be on any ‘diet’ – understood as a closed period of time during which some miraculous cure would take place.

You should change your EATING HABITS. And only in this sense the word ‘diet’ should be used:

DIET = a permanent way of eating
that never ends

So the right question is:

Which way of eating is the best?

If you are a ‘carnivore’ (omnivore), you have already realized that you are not reading an article that will allow you to remain free from worries. Yes – it is exactly the opposite. I am writing this to let you know that everything you have always feared (and what your subconscious always knew) is a great truth:

The most healthy, the slimmest and longest living group of people in the world are VEGANS and the Plant-Based Cuisine admirers.

For the sake of clarity – let’s summarize the differences between vegetarian, vegan and plant-based diets:

VEGETARIANS do not eat meat, because they choose a cruelty-free lifestyle (that’s why they eat dairy products, the acquisition of which does not require killing). Their motives are therefore typically ethical and have nothing to do with the knowledge of proper nutrition, nor with taking care of health.

The conversion of traditional cuisine into vegetarianism very often goes with gaining weight and does not eliminate any risk of metabolic diseases (and even increases the risk). This is because vegetarians most often replace meat with cheese, and 1. most cheeses contain more fat than meat, 2. they digest more animal protein, including casein, which is carcinogenic.

VEGANS do not eat any animal products, including dairy products. They simply raise the vegetarian ethics a step further. Their nutritional education is much deeper: They need to know what to choose from store shelves and how to prepare their meals, avoiding “animal origin” traps (additives) of the food industry. But that’s where their knowledge ends. They are much healthier than meat-eaters and vegetarians – quite BY ACCIDENT.

For example, they do not see a threat in eating not-animal-related processed foods, which is evidence that their behavior is still due to ethics, not common sense.

Despite all this – and even though I’m a plant-based guy – I do not want to say anything bad about veganism. (!) I really consider this ethical and social movement to be the greatest gift ever received for the healthiness of mankind . Thanks to veganism at the end of the twentieth century the food industry began its slow transformation towards healthy food available to everyone.

WHOLE FOOD PLANT-BASED (which is the full name of the third nutrition method) – is based on scientific knowledge, and its essence is:

  • Whole food’ – all plant products are eaten in the least processed form.


  • Plant-Based’ – avoiding animal products so that they constitute the smallest part of meals, up to 5% of energy (ideal is 0% – match with WHOLE FOOD VEGAN)

An example well illustrating the advantage of ‘whole food’ diet is the problem of iron deficiency (if it is diet-derived). To make the problem disappear – it is enough to change the white bread (made from white flour) into wholemeal bread. Iron and other minerals are found in bran, so pieces of grain husk should not be separated from the flour after milling.

Yes! The last step that remained on the vegans’ path to HEALTH – is simply the “whole food” correction.

The healthiest method of nutrition
that has been scientifically proven is

In general, the point is to realize that there are undeniable connections between the diet and the occurrence of chronic civilization diseases, shortening our lives for decades!

It is hard to believe, but most practicing doctors today do not know – which common diseases are “diet-dependent”. * If so, it is not surprising that ordinary people do not know it either.

*) I know it for sure! As it happens, every few years I meet with my colleagues – doctors. We are friends from college, so we organize a few-days meetings, just to reminisce and party in good company. Two years ago (I was already a plant-based fan) when I told them about the diet dependence of some common diseases, almost all of them were surprised!

Why change eating habits?

Our entire blog – whose task is to provide reliable arguments and motivation to change eating habits – will be one great reference to the results of the latest scientific research. One of the greatest achievements are the results of 20 years of research, presented by T. Colin Campbell in “The China Study” and all subsequent publications of this author. (I strongly encourage you to read this book yourself! It is written in a way available to recipients who are not polished with medical terminology).

The general conclusions of the studies described by Campbell could be summarized as follows:

There are two types of food products (plant and animal), and therefore two types of nutrition. One of them allows the consumption of animal products – and this is the model that characterizes the welfare society, and the second is a typically vegetable diet.

The so-called “Chinese Research” – simply compares these two eating models with each other, finding their connections with the occurrence of many shortening life and mortal diseases.

The conclusions are crushing (!):

The huge amount of common diseases is diet-dependent!

The more animal products in the diet – the greater incidence of:


breast cancer

prostate cancer

colon cancer

rectal cancer

liver cancer






coronary heart disease

myocardial infarction




overweight and obesity

type II diabetes

kidney stones


cognitive disorders and dementia

Alzheimer’s disease



Type I diabetes

MS (multiple sclerosis)



macular degeneration


These diseases cause much more than half of deaths in the Western World (America, Europe, Australasia); cardiovascular diseases alone are responsible for 45-50%.

On the other hand – (!) – one and the same diet – WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED (a diet based on unprocessed vegetable products) not only prevents the appearance of all the mentioned diseases, but also affects the inhibition of their development, and even their reversal! (stopping the growth of tumors, reversing obesity and symptoms of diabetes, enlarging the lumen of blood vessels constricted by atherosclerotic plaques, etc.)

And of course, it does not require any supplementation, because its essence is the consumption of unprocessed products. (Processing usually deprives plants of what is the most valuable in them – mention the example of removing bran from flour.)

As you probably guess – what we will be persuaded to you is to replace your current diet with WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED.


You can not change the way that is behind you, but the way you go further – it still depends on your choices.


Ryh - cofounder

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